Retirement Planning for Small Business Owners

Preparing for the Retirement, reflected by dot graph

Preparing for the next chapter in life.

Retirement for Small Business Owners

Identifying Retirement Goals, reflected by a worksheet
Identifying Retirement Goals
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Retirement Plans and Implementation
Self-Employed 401(k) Plans
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Maximizing Tax Advantages

Steps toward retirement

Small business owners devote much of their time and thoughts to running and growing their businesses that sometimes planning for retirement takes a backseat to the business. And, because they don’t work for someone else, small business owners can’t rely on company-provided 401(k)s or other benefits. Instead, they must take control of their retirement planning and savings.

It can seem overwhelming to figure out where to begin. We work with small business owners every day and understand what you need to do and when to reach your retirement goals. We encourage our clients to start mapping out their retirement today, even if they are years or even decades away from their target retirement age. It takes years of preparation and planning, especially for small business owners. We’ll help you with all aspects of retirement, from defining your retirement goals to establishing and growing retirement accounts to creating and executing a succession plan or exit plan.

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Understand your options

The good news for entrepreneurs is that they have several options when it comes to establishing and growing a retirement plan. Each plan has different requirements and tax advantages. We work with small business owners to find the right plan based on those aspects and each owner’s business and retirement goals.

The Self-Employed 401(k) plan is a popular choice for many of our small business owner clients because of its tax advantages and higher contribution limits as compared to other retirement accounts for entrepreneurs. We know you’ll have questions about your retirement, and we are prepared to answer them, such as how your contribution to your Self-Employed 401(k) affects take-home pay. We can also help you file your required Form 5500-EZ once your plan’s assets reach $250,000 and above.

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