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Self-Employed (Solo) 401(k) – 2022

By Cliff O’Conner, Financial Advisor Are you a small business owner who wants to quickly grow your retirement funds? If so, you should consider starting a Self-Employed 401(k). Many entrepreneurs with no employees besides a spouse choose this plan because of its higher contribution limits as compared to other retirement plans for small business owners.…
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Family Business Succession Planning: How to Get Started

Does your family-owned business have a succession plan in place? If you don’t, you aren’t alone. Despite family firms making up 90% of all business enterprises in the U.S., 47% of owners who want to retire in the next five years say they don’t have a successor.

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Succession Planning for Small Businesses

Succession planning is one of those things that many owners know is important, but often don’t get around to doing it. In fact, up to half of small business owners who plan to retire in the next five years say they have not yet named a successor, according to the Service Corps of Retired Executives…
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2021 Mid-Year Outlook: How Stimulus, Vaccinations and Global Re-openings Impact Portfolio Considerations

We began the year with the general adage that investors would be compensated for bearing thoughtful measures of risk and this stance has in large part proven to be a rewarding posture for investors. In our view, prudent risk-taking will continue to be beneficial to investors in the second half of the year.

Tips for Minimizing Your Taxes as Retirement Approaches

As you work toward implementing your succession plan, and ultimately, selling your business and retiring, it’s wise to also be considering the tax implications from the sale of your business. You will likely receive a substantial amount of money for your business or your share of it, which could result in an increased tax liability if you don’t plan ahead.

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The Role of Insurance in Your Succession Plan

Don’t overlook the importance of life insurance and long-term care insurance in your small business’s succession plan. A little work today can mean peace of mind for your family and your business tomorrow.

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Buy-Sell Agreements Are Essential to Any Small Business Succession Plan

You can help to ensure the continuation of your business by creating a detailed succession plan that contains a buy-sell agreement. This agreement is the heart of your succession plan and acts like a will for your business – it states what will happen to the business once your involvement ends.

Know What Your Business is Worth. Four Common Business Valuation Methods

Do you know the value of your business today? Here are four common business valuation methods used by industry practitioners.


Bitcoin: Risky or Wise Investment? Considerations for Investors

Bitcoin, with its soaring price increases and dramatic tumbles (sometimes thanks to a tweet from Elon Musk), captivates investors and dominates financial headlines today. Just a few years ago, Bitcoin was largely relegated as an asset for day traders, but interest from other investing parties has grown, leading to many questions.

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Markets Make Modest Climb in Evolving Inflation Landscape

Unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus since March 2020 has injected liquidity into the system and is, indeed, a potential catalyst for higher inflation longer term. Short-term inflation will likely trend higher as we cycle off the 2020 lows and we expect may run at a higher rate compared to subdued pre-pandemic levels. We continue to believe that all things equal, inflation is unlikely to take hold at a level that would serve to derail the recovering global economy.