Man holds Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust ILIT policy.
Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) Benefits and Drawbacks

Irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs) can be a critical component of an estate plan. They’re a tool that can help you avoid having to pay estate taxes, and ensure more is left behind for your loved ones. In this article, you’ll explore the functionality of ILITs. You’ll see how they work, their benefits and drawbacks, […]

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Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT): Pros and Cons

A Qualified Personal Residence Trusts (QPRT) is an estate planning tool that can provide property owners with substantial estate and gift tax savings. However, they can be complicated to set up, and have numerous rules that must be followed. In this article, you’ll be exposed to what QPRTs are, how they work, and whether or […]

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Estate Planning for Blended Families: What is a QTIP Trust?

A Qualified Terminable Interest Property (QTIP) trust is an estate planning tool that enables a grantor (i.e. the trust’s creator) of a blended family to take care of their surviving spouse while retaining full control over the distribution of their assets, even after their surviving spouse passes away. In this article, you’ll be given a […]

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Screen showing graphs and data, representing Market Review for February 2023
Market Review – February 2023

Hot Data, Cool Markets, Good News While markets retreat, the shift in rate expectations show signs the end of rate hikes is near February 2023 Key Observations Strong economic data pushed market expectations to 0.5% more rate hikes by year end. While perhaps overdone, this speaks to the end is near on rising rates. With […]

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Picture of senior couple and child representing Grandparents creating a trust for their grandchildren
Trusts for Grandchildren: Generation-Skipping Trusts Pros and Cons

The generation skipping-trust (GST) is a powerful estate planning tool that can help protect your wealth for generations to come. That’s because this type of irrevocable trust allows you to pass on assets to your grandchildren and other members of future generations without incurring gift or estate taxes. In this article, you’ll be exposed to […]

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Stock chart representing January 2023 Market Review
Market Review – January 2023

Markets Start 2023 Off with a Bang Filter out the noise and stay the course January 2023 Key Observations Market Recap Broad asset classes kicked off the new year higher after a not-so-jolly December. Sentiment turned decidedly positive based on slowing wage and job growth and cooling price pressures. These trends provided optimism for a […]

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Stock chart representing the Market Outlook for 2023
2023 Outlook: Goodbye TINA (There is No Alternative)

Key Observations Our investment views are based on a simple idea: as facts change, so may our outlook. The last few years have been an interesting period for this ethos as our annual outlook is beginning to feel like a game of ping-pong, oscillating between bulls and bears, as the environment shifts around us. Our […]

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business agent explaining contract to couple, representing Charitable Remainder Trust
Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) Pros and Cons

When it comes to charitable giving, you’ll want to make the biggest impact possible. But figuring out the best way to do so isn’t always easy. That’s because there’s a variety of charitable giving vehicles that are tailored to different individual needs and goals.  One of those vehicles is a charitable remainder trust (CRT). They […]

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Paper page with Estate Planning printed at the top with eye glasses and a pen.
Financial Estate Planning: Your Guide to Trusts, Gifting Strategies, Charitable Donations, and Taxes

Through the process of estate planning, you’re able to establish, shape, and protect your legacy.  But the strategies that will be most helpful to you will depend on your individual circumstances.  In this article, you’ll be exposed to a variety of estate planning tools that can help maximize the wealth you’re transferring to those next-in-line. […]

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Law theme, fountain pen, paper, and stamp on a desk, representing a Grantor Retained Annuity Trust for Estate Planning
Is a Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT) Right for You?

Estate planning is critical to protecting your life’s legacy. Without it, those next in line face unnecessary challenges in receiving what’s rightfully theirs. But the type of planning you, and your beneficiaries need will depend on the complexities of your estate. For those looking to leave larger amounts behind, or who have assets that could […]

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