Our 2021 Financial Planning Guide is Now Available

Our Financial Planning Guide features updates on tax planning, saving for retirement and education, risk management, and more.


2021 Market Outlook: Primed for Growth

Our 2021 Outlook includes a look at market financial conditions, highlights from our 10-Year Capital Market Assumptions, and four key themes investors should consider this year.

CWO 10-Year Capital Market Forecasts (2021-2030)

We’d like to share our capital market forecasts for this decade. We update asset class assumptions annually to reflect 10-year estimates for asset class returns, standard deviations, skewness, kurtosis and correlations.

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Amid Tax Reform Uncertainty, Consider These Year-End Planning Opportunities

With tax reform potentially coming in the Biden administration, should taxpayers put off certain year-end planning opportunities? We outline planning opportunities tied to potential tax reform and general planning considerations.

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With Tax Reform Likely on Hold, What Should Taxpayers Do?

To achieve President-Elect Joe Biden’s tax policy proposals, Democrats would likely need to control the Senate. The path to gaining control of the Senate appears challenging, so where does this ultimately leave taxpayers?

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How to Prepare for a Comfortable Retirement

Many people look forward to retirement, a period in their life when they will have more time to spend with family or do activities they enjoy. It’s always prudent to begin planning for retirement many years before your actual retirement date so that you will have time to achieve your financial retirement goals.

What Does the Election Mean for Your Portfolio?

Harnessing the knowledge of greater market volatility in an election year is not only helpful to avoid classic behavioral mistakes that can lead to worse portfolio outcomes, but it also reinforces the notion that investors are more likely to be successful if they maintain a long-term point of view.

Is Time Running Out for Favorable Estate and Gifting Opportunities?

Estate and gifting limits are at favorable levels right now, giving high net worth individuals ample estate planning opportunities. However, because of the uncertainty around potential tax reform that could be enacted as early as 2021, we encourage individuals to investigate acting on these current opportunities before the end of 2020. What is the current…
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Cybercriminals Are Exploiting the Pandemic. Take Steps to Protect Your Information.

Cybercriminals are trying to take advantage of people distracted by the pandemic. Be mindful of how you use technology so that you don’t give cybercriminals a key to your sensitive personal information.

Tell Your Loved Ones the ‘Why’ Behind Your Estate Plan

The “why” of an estate plan is a critical component and might just be where true legacy lies.