Cybercriminals Are Exploiting the Pandemic. Take Steps to Protect Your Information.

Cybercriminals are trying to take advantage of people distracted by the pandemic. Be mindful of how you use technology so that you don’t give cybercriminals a key to your sensitive personal information.

Tell Your Loved Ones the ‘Why’ Behind Your Estate Plan

The “why” of an estate plan is a critical component and might just be where true legacy lies.

3 Tax-Planning Strategies You Should Consider Before 2020 Ends

Taxpayers may have to wait until after the November 3rd elections to get a better sense of the potential for tax reform; however, we want to share three planning strategies today that may help bolster your tax savings, regardless of which candidates take office in 2021.

What Is the Relationship Between Politics and Financial Markets?

While all elections are important, to many investors, the coming election feels particularly weighty. The policy ramifications of White House and congressional outcomes can seem unnerving, especially given the wide policy differences and, in some cases, dramatic policy proposals (particularly, taxes). However, history suggests election results should not be the primary driver of investment decisions.…
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Second Half of 2020 Off to Strong Start

In July, investors overlooked rising COVID-19 infection rates in portions of the U.S., instead focusing their attention on economic data that reflected a sharp improvement in activity and better-than-expected earnings data.

COVID-19’s Impact on Charitable Giving in 2020

How have charitable donations been affected to date in 2020? Research has found an increase in grants as compared to this time last year.

Family Vacation Homes: How to Preserve Harmony and the Home

Transferring a family vacation home to the next generation presents unique challenges for families. Open communication and proper planning can ensure your legacy remains intact.

2020 Mid-Year Update: An Unbalanced Journey Toward Economic Recovery

When we began 2020, we had a cautious view in our Market Outlook regarding opportunities across the financial markets. This was before we had any hint of a global pandemic that was about to erupt.

Cliff O’Conner Named Five Star Wealth Manager for 2020

C.W. O’Conner Wealth Advisors, Inc. is pleased to share that our founder and president, Cliff O’Conner, has been named a Five Star Wealth Manager for 2020. Cliff has received the award since 2016. Five Star Wealth Manager Criteria To receive the award, a wealth manager must satisfy 10 objective eligibility and evaluation criteria, including number…
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5 Ways the CARES Act Can Provide Financial Relief to Nonprofits

While much of the media coverage on the $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (“CARES”) Act has focused on the law’s impact on individuals and small businesses, the sweeping legislation also offers some financial relief to the nonprofit sector.