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two people looking at paper work, representing determining business valuation
Know What Your Business is Worth. Four Common Business Valuation Methods

Do you know the value of your business today? Here are four common business valuation methods used by industry practitioners.

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2 young girls sitting on the pool deck splashing, representing a family vacation home
Family Vacation Homes: How to Preserve Harmony and the Home

Transferring a family vacation home to the next generation presents unique challenges for families. Open communication and proper planning can ensure your legacy remains intact.

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overlook of beach, ocean during sunset, representing moving to a state with lower taxes
Things to Consider Before Making a Change of Residence to a More Tax Friendly State

Many retirees find southern states quite attractive because of the warmer weather, lower cost of living and the ability to enjoy outdoor activities nearly year-round. Buying a new home to escape the winter weather becomes even more enticing when it also provides attractive income and estate tax benefits. However, you should know that your former […]

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Older business man at desk looking at paperwork, representing small business retirement plans
3 Common Retirement Plans for Small Business Owners

By Cliff O’Conner, Financial Advisor As a small business owner, you are responsible for every aspect of your company – establishing business goals, managing operations, and developing solutions to achieve those goals. But have you devoted any time to mapping out your retirement plan? Since you are working for yourself, you’re responsible for choosing and […]

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