Author: CW O'Conner Wealth Advisors

Protect your assets with a will.

60% of Americans Don’t Have a Will. Protect Your Family and Assets with an Estate Plan

Most people don’t like to think about dying, so the last thing they want to do is think about how to divide their assets once they are gone. A survey by in 2017 found only 42% of adults in the U.S. have established a will or living trust. When respondents are broken down by…
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Wall Street Bull Statue

Your View of the Market’s Mixed Signals Depends on How Bullish You Are

Have you noticed the mixed signals the market is sending investors lately? Strength across risk-assets fueled investor optimism despite ongoing U.S.-China trade negotiations, low inflation, BREXIT, geopolitical tensions and slowing global growth. Realized 30-day equity volatility collapsed just 9.0% and ranked among the lowest quartile of historical observations. Investors can take some solace in stronger…
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